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Handling Stress . . .

How do you chill out when you’re stressed?


ow I do handle stress and how I should . . . are two different ideas, huh?

Many times when I am stressed, I try to escape from the situation, be it going to bed earlier, internet surfing or watching a movie  and knitting.  Finding chocolate is a weakness when I am stressed.  Sometimes I will talk to a friend, but most often, I just want to be lost in my own thoughts . . . . and I’m working more of handing over the stressful situations I cannot change to God.  It’s hard to let things go many times . . . it can eat away . . . especially if it’s a situation I cannot change or there’s major misunderstandings.  

Music is also something that helps me, and I cannot believe how often I will put some Christian music on, and the right words will come at the right time . . . just what I need to hear.  And if it’s a certain season in my life, it’s amazing too how verses or a Christian book will come with the assurances I need and help me let go more and rely more on, God is enough and God is in control.

And since this is the topic today . . . and if you have read all the way through, as our family comes to mind will you whisper a prayer for us?  We have two children who have needed some additional medical attention including one going gluten-free and our daughter with heart problems figuring things out with her Coumadin and extended problems . . . plus another daughter’s wedding in a month.  It’s been a LOT right now . . . and the stress level is near full.  Just praying as May comes in, the peace that passes ALL understanding . . . patience with each other, medical problems more resolved and precious memories overshadowing the rough parts of life!

A friend gave a good illustration that often we want other people and things to fulfill our wants and desires and resolutions and it does not seem to happen and “they” are stepping on the oxygen hose, suffocating us.  We are not breathing the oxygen from God who wants to supply all our needs and His peace.  Pray for us that we all Him to be that source of peace!



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2 thoughts on “Handling Stress . . .

  1. What an analogy — stepping on our oxygen source. I will commit to pray for you and your family. We have had to go grain free (a tad more than gluten free). And it has not been easy. But the rewards are great. 🙂

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