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Information Article: Reality and Learning Games for Smart Phones

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e certainly cannot get away from all the mobile device games that both kids and adults alike are playing.  It’s not the old-fashioned, sitting at the kitchen table playing board games nearly as much anymore.  Instead we are playing games on our smart phones and tablets with those in the same room as us and/or with friends and family across the country!  

AppGear is one such place that is releasing the newest augmented reality toys for iPhones, iPads and the Android.  Two games that are coming out this month are Foam Fighters and ZombieBurbz. Now, for me personally, I do not like the unrealistic games.  I’ve never liked science fiction.  So looking at these games, the Foam Fighters is one that I could see us letting our kids play and it seems quite fascinating.

One of three planes are chosen for Foam Fighters: Battle of the Pacific, Battle of Britain, and/or Battle of Europe.  Included with the purchase of the game is 2 full-color fighters, 2 fold-out stands and 1 suction-cup mounting arm to attach to your iOS or Android smart phone or tablet.  It then unlocks a different historical battle or campaign, depending if played as an Axis or Allied force.  Missions can include  dog fights, bombing runs, landing and refueling, and escorting units.  Up to 8 people can play in Skirmish mode over local Wi-Fi.

Now as a homeschool mom, I’d use this as a learning device too.  (I can almost hear a big sigh from my kids as I write this!)  Before playing the game, I’d have them learn about the battle, the time period, who actually fought and won, so they have better knowledge of the real life drama of this game.  It sure helps when we can put some motivation into their learning!

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