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Information Article: Nutrition Supplements Worth Considering


have always been interested in nutrition. Even as a young girl, vitamins were a part of our daily routine every morning with our cereal and orange juice. We do go in spurts with how much we use vitamins and herbs . . . it may be something we are going through with an illness or just trying to better our health.  If someone in our family is diagnosed with something, we do a lot of research trying to find the right nutrition supplements.

Collidal Silver is also something I’ve done a lot of research on through the years, not only taking colloidal silver capsules but learning how to make a liquid form of it, and also the wonderful advantages of this natural antibiotic.  I’ve even given it to our dogs, cats, chickens and goats!

Now I am also learning more about rice bran which, from what I have been reading, may help lower cholesterol as much as 15 to 30 percent! It is the bran of brown rice that is full of Vitamin E and also helps supply anti-oxidants to our bodies.  There’s even some research that seems to be indicating that rice bran may be helping with bone loss reduction which could help prevent osteoporosis, also reducing the risk of intestinal cancer and helping fight heart disease.  It sure seems like an easy, safe, nutritional product to be considering.



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