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Information Article: Blue Global Media


have been reading up on an affiliate network,  Blue Global Media which specializes in financial products like loans and credit reports.  I never realized what a big association this has.  I always thought places such as Payday Loan was only a store front where you had to walk in and get a loan.  Little did I realize this is also a big money maker on various webpages just with links even from personal webpages to high-earning short-term financing products.  So just with a link some webage owners can earn up to $100 per payday loan lead.  

Now I am not one to encourage those desperate loans that can result in getting in over your head in a financial crisis for getting into too much debt.  However, most people do get in a fix at some time or another, and there are situations where they do need to get cash for an emergency.  There are even some loans that are only to be a 100 day loan, making it possible to pay off quickly.  So with a cash advance affiliate program linking from a webpage, it may be a help that someone needs in a desperate time.  Before advertising such a place, I’d definitely want to know what I would be suggesting to my readers, and to also make sure as they do promise, that payments are made in a timely manner.



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