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In ‘Other’ Words: Happily Ever After?

“The fruit of the Spirit is love.” (Galatians 5:22)
Love is a fruit growing within us from a supernatural source.
It’s not your love, yet it is,
since the Spirit works in you both to will and
to do loving things that are on his mind.
You never hear of an apple tree struggling to produce its fruit.
As long as sap flows within the tree,
apples will form and blossom.

And so it is with the Holy Spirit and love.
He is our life and bears the fruit – not us.
That’s why he was sent to live in us.”

Spirit Rising: Tapping into the Power of the Holy Spirit
by Jim Cymbala


ove is definitely a word spoken often here in our home right now.   One of my daughters wrote recently on her Facebook, “40 days! Can’t wait for the day to come and I’ll marry my best friend. It still seems to good to be true. ♥”

Yes, it seems like love is just ooozing here . . . with her upcoming wedding and her twin sister’s in the fall.  Every conversation is ended in “I love you” or “I love you more“.  There’s long lingering good-byes.  Sometimes, too long!  At this point, they cannot imagine hard times and the conflicts they will go through.  They are thinking of “happily ever after.”  As parents, we know there will be rough times.  There will be misunderstandings.  There will be fights.  It can even get nasty.  And, love will be work and a commitment to continue loving some times.

Though our feelings come and go,
God’s love for us does not
 C.S. Lewis

Thankfully, both couples are committed to Jesus.  They do have Jesus’ love in them.  They have the Spirit working in them and through them to accomplish much, including God-glorifying marriages.  There are definitely times in a marriage when it seems life the sap is not flowing, and no fruit is blossoming.  It’s then it will be work, to prune and work at the soil, to get it flowing again, for fruit to flourish after a long winter.  The tree does not have to be chopped down and ended.  God redeems love and marriages.  

What hope and joy for their lives and marriages!

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