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Five Minute Friday: Good-Bye


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As I am typing this, one of my dear friends is driving 12 hours from Tennessee to Michigan.  I’ve not seen her for almost two years, and I am quite excited!  We plan on spending one whole day together.  Though we keep in touch through Facebook, e-mails and phone calls, there’s nothing like being together in person.  But she’s only going to be here about a week, and though we probably will get together a couple of other times for coffee, there’s going to be the  good-bye when she has to go back. I don’t like good-byes. 

Actually, I hate  good-byes . . . too many earthly ones where we won’t see loved ones until heaven.  I know then there will not be any more good-byes, but sometimes it seems just too long.  The good-bye with my son, Matthew, and stillborn daughter, Angela is just too earthly permanent.  There’s some good-byes that just mean changes, like when my first daughter marries next month and leaves for her honeymoon.  We will see her again and she and her husband will be living close, but it won’t be the same . . .  and then five months later her twin sister follows the same walk down the aisle and another good-bye.  But then again, this is what we grew up our children to do.  

I look forward to the hello’s much more . . . seeing my friend soon, meeting our grandchildren for the first time, seeing our girls glowing after they have settled in as a new wife, hopefully and prayerfully seeing my dad sometime soon, and most of all, the hello’s in heaven with never the long sigh . . .and a good-bye again.  

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Good-Bye

  1. OH, Loni, I cannot begin to imagine your pain and my heart is crying for you. I have heard of this type of game (I read your post on Matthew). So horrible. I pray comfort over your family as I write and will continue to pray for you.

  2. Loni…oh you have had some tragic good-byes…I am so sorry for your pain and I pray continued healing for you whole family. Oh the mixed emotions of marriage for our kids…good-bye to our kids in one way…but hello to a new kind of relationship and the new person they add to the family. But if we did not say good-bye to them as they married …we would not get the best hello in the world…grandbabies:)… blessings as you and your friend say hello again…

  3. Loni, I had known we shared good-byes in stillborn babies. Even though I can’t comprehend it, I can imagine the added pain of Matthew’s goodbye (thank you for sharing his story so well). Wish I could hug your neck.
    And as you watch your daughters walk the isle (congratulations!), and shed the emotions surrounding such a momentous event, I pray you find and can celebrate the good in good-bye. As they always hold a new hello.

    Hugs to you, friend. Missed my time here last week. . .

    All for Him,

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