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Information Articles: Lockers for Home Settings


t’s spring cleaning time and reorganizing and one of the thing I often wish we had is  school lockers.  I know this might sound pretty tacky, but I know another large family that has them, and it really works out great for several different areas to organize and really keep things straight.  Even with a couple of kids, I can imagine this helping to individualize much easier.

Our friends have a walk-in basement where their kids go in and out, and in this room are metal lockers individualized for each of their children, so they can keep track of their separate items such as boots, shoes, various coats, etc.  Then they have several other lockers for different sports things such as bats, baseballs and footballs  and one for outdoor garden items such as rakes and shovels.  They have each locker labelled either with the child’s name or what should go into it.

Then in their family/school room they have beautiful wood lockers that don’t even look like lockers.  Again, some are individualized for each child, and others for subjects and teacher items.  I could see this working wonderfully in a  craftroom for sewing items, for the person who does a lot of different things with paper such as card crafts or someone into jewelry making.

Really, lockers do not have to be the industrial lockers which are for public schools or public work setting anymore.  Because of their design, it can be part of our everyday furniture settings.



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