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Information Article: Quinceanera Birthday


ast year my husband did some work for a Mexican family that needed their lawnmower working well to get ready for a big outdoor party they were having  for their daughter, called a Quinceañera.  It  was really neat learning something about their culture and celebration.  A Quinceañera is a major milestone party in honor of a daughter’s 15th birthday which is to mark her transition from her childhood to becoming a young woman.  It is usually the girl’s first dance, wearing a beautiful formal dress and the first time she wears make-up.  They also have a tradition of the girl wearing flat shoes to the party, but later her dad takes off her flat shoes and presents her with high-heeled shoes.  The family generally goes all out, sending out Quinceanera Invitations and lavishing the girl with many gifts.  This family also set up a huge outdoor tent and had it decorated beautifully.  Many times it’s an all day and evening event, and may continue on to the next morning with close family and friends staying for breakfast. They even told us she had the choice of this Quinceañera party or a large gift in money and she chose the Quinceañera.  I am sure a girl feels like quite a princess going through this celebration of her and what special lifetime memories can be made.  I see it a lot like a blessing party.

We have had special birthday parties for our kids when they turned 5, 13, 16, etc., but nothing to this extreme!  Graduation parties would probably be the biggest party besides weddings.  I’ve loved doing the “princess” type little girl birthday parties.  Imagine using this Birthday wrapping paper all personalized with the child’s pictures and her name on it.  There’s many ideas for this!  Including weddings and even for a Quinceañera!



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