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Five Minute Friday: Light


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Around this time of year, especially Holy Week,  I think often of Mary and imagine the trauma she went through and the dark couple of days she had to endure.  To hear the tauntings to crucify her Son, knowing He was perfect.  She knew He did not argue with her or disobey or ever roll His eyes at her when she wanted something done.  I wonder how she did not go maniac when they were beating Him, and tearing His clothes off and mocking Him.  When He was pierced, was her heart pierced just as sharply? How did she not go tearing into someone? I can only imagine the darkness she felt when she was led away from the cross, seeing her son hanging there knowing He was innocent.  Did she wish she could die beside Him?  

And I imagine the joy in her heart, when she saw Him after He rose again.  Did she realize she was standing on holy ground by His empty tomb? Did her heart leap with the same joy as it did when she knew she was carrying Him?When did the darkness lift and she see such brilliance of hope and light?  Was there such hope in her heart now; did she get the eternal value of His death and the truth of His coming back to life just as He said He would?  Did she realize after the deep darkness, indeed, He is the everlasting Light?  What did she think when she touched her son – as her son or as her Saviour?  When did she believe?

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5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Light

  1. Ah… to think of Mary being Jesus’ mama and having to trust God through all of this, pulls on the heartstrings of this mama in a completely different way than anything else.

    I love the ponderings here… “Did she realize after the deep darkness, indeed, He is the everlasting Light? What did she think when she touched her son – as her son or as her Saviour?” Beautiful, poignant thoughts.

    Thank you for this beautiful post…

  2. I can picture her in the Passion of the Christ movie so vividly… and hear the cry, the longing of the mama’s heart.

    Blessings to you this weekend….

  3. Thank you for reminding us of Mary and what she must have been thinking and feeling during this time. Just last night I was listening to the audio of 12 Voices from the Bible, and it told the story of Jesus from 12 different perspectives. It inspired me in so many ways. Anway, this posts goes right along with it, thanks.

  4. When I became a mom, I finally realized the depth of Mary’s heart (to a degree). I cannot imagine the roller coaster of emotions she must have felt. What an amazing example of trust.

  5. I contemplate Mary a lot, Friend. These are questions I’ve asked myself too. The depth of the words “God’s will be done” are given such an incredible depth by her example.

    Many blessings flying to you this Easter weekend.

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