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Information Article: Horse Riding Apparel


y younger girls and I are helping some friends with their horses this week.  We go to their house two times a day to feed and water them and do some clean-up.  I really thought after a few days my girls would grow tired of these chores, and not want any part of it, and I’d end up doing it all myself.  Instead, they are getting up early, waking each other and making sure I am awake to go as well.  They want to stay longer than we need to, to do extra walking of the horses, groom them and braid their manes.  Yes, I thought they’d tire of it . . . but instead, they are wanting their own horse even more!

So, now I’ve got three young girls dreaming even more of having their own horse.  Instead of looking at ballet shoes and leotards, they are looking at equine clothing, telling me what they need  want!  They even showed me in a magazine how some horse riding apparel is making its way into our everyday mainstream fashion and how “in” they would be . . . but that they really need a horse too!  We found this article on the Manhattan Saddlery Review quite interesting, including about the ten year old girl whose parents come from Mexico with a list in hand with what their daughter needs for horse riding.  My girls thought that was pretty neat!

My girls know how I am one to find special buys and are already asking me to find horse riding apparel deals!  I think this is one of those cases of the cart before the horse!  It will be awhile!



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