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Five Minute Friday: GIFT


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I am amazed again this week with the word chosen.    GIFT . . . it was talked about yesterday for our twin daughters to be able to pick out a special gift that would be from their brother, Matthew, who went to heaven over 7 years ago.  His birthday is just a couple days after our first daughter’s wedding.  You are probably wondering how he can still give them a gift.

I’ve written a couple times of Matthew’s red moped he really enjoyed.  It’s been sitting around for the past seven years, not being able to get it work, but us not wanting to just junk it.  Some friends of ours offered to buy it a few days ago, and it just did our hearts some good to know they’d try to do something good with it, even if it’s for parts and not just thrown in the trash. Both my husband and I have special memories of our son with it – my husband going quite some distance with him to get it, me going after him when it quit in a rain storm, and as I approached him in the downpour there was a big smile on his face.  His first words to me were “mom, I knew you’d come . . . I prayed.”  

So our friends blessed us by buying it. At first I wanted to get something for the cemetery, but talked some more, and thought it would be special if our twin daughters could each pick out a special memento for their wedding . . .  a keepsake . . . a gift . . . from Matthew.  

I am not sure what gift they will pick out yet . . . but thankful through our ache of missing him, he’s still a part of special celebrations.

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One thought on “Five Minute Friday: GIFT

  1. What a beautiful story…a picture of how God cares for all the details of our lives…blessings as you celebrate this special day~

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