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Guest Post: Retiring in Texas

Contributed by Milford Woods

When my mom and dad came to the conclusion that it was time for them to retire they decided to move back to the state of Texas where they both were born. They had lived away from there for many years, but Texas had always been considered their home. Dad had inherited his dad’s house a long time ago so they knew where they would want to live. The house had been closed up for a few years. When it came time for them to move I decided to go spend a few weeks with them to help them get settled in. The first thing we had to do was decide on an electrical company which we did through Amarillo Just Energy electric. Once the power was on we had to do a thorough cleaning of the whole house. The place was actually in good shape except for the dust that had settled. It had been very well taken care of before they closed it up after my grandparents had to be put in a nursing home. Then a couple days after we got there the movers came with all the furniture. We got everything situated in just a few days. When it was time for me to go back to my home, my parents thanked me and told me they would take good care of the house since they knew one day it would be mine.



Beloved KEPT Child of Jesus stumbling by faith ~ Married 30 years ~ Blessed Mama of 10 beside me & 2 at Jesus' feet ~ "Retired" homeschool mama of 22 years ~ Writer * Blogger * Reviewer ~

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