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Advantages & Disadvantages for this Generation

Name three advantages that kids born these days
have over older generations.

What disadvantages do they face?


often think if my grandpa who I grew up with living in my home, could come back and see the changes just from the early 1980’s, he’d be blown away.  Cell phones – they are an advantage AND disadvantage.  In college when I’d want to call home, it was long distance and could easily add up quite a phone charge.  Now with cell phones, it’s not like there is even the worry of long distance calling.  But, the disadvantage is ALWAYS being able to get a hold of – and I think the texting leaves out some communication skills for some kids and spelling skills!

Another advantage is somewhat related is the computer.  To be able to send e-mail off instantly, to do work and save it on a computer, and to share pictures and Skype across the world is quite an advantage.  Again though, we lose the personalization  of hand-written letters.  Some things are “too instant” as pushing that send button when upset or angry, instead of handwriting a note or picking up the phone to have a conversation.

One thing that I personally like is the different versions of Scripture so easily available on-line to do searches on and compare versions with just a click of a button.  Growing up I had a King James Version and in my senior year of high school was given a NIV for a gift and thought how neat that was.  Now, I can look at numerous different versions so easily on-line.

One the of big disadvantages our kids face is the economical changes.  I think it will be much harder for them to have more stable jobs and have set careers.  At this time, they can probably purchase a home for the same cost my husband and I did 36 years ago.  And another disadvantage is certainly the morale of our country.  Growing up “divorce” was such a “hush hush” word – now it’s a common every day quick resolution.  I never heard of homosexuality or abortion.  Now . . . well . . . that’s a whole other post . . . !

But no matter what from 100 years ago or today, one thing has not change.  God is still in charge.  He’s still on the throne!



Beloved KEPT Child of Jesus stumbling by faith ~ Married 30 years ~ Blessed Mama of 10 beside me & 2 at Jesus' feet ~ "Retired" homeschool mama of 22 years ~ Writer * Blogger * Reviewer ~

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