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Information Article: Computer Parts & Technology


ince my husband was a young boy, he has enjoyed taking things apart and “fixing” them . . . sometimes things that did not need to be fixed.  He just wanted to figure out how they worked!  It’s interesting that our sons are now into “fixing” things.  One son is an automechanic, another fixes and upgrades smart phones.  My husband’s full-time job now is as a small engine repair technician.  But that is for his business.  He fixes other things too.  

He has also built and repaired computers and laptops throughout the years, including upgrading them and adding more memory.  He has done a lot of research, looking for the best computer parts. He completely built a PC, just buying all the parts and building it to his specifications and what he wanted.  It was quite a job for him, but helped him learn a lot with the hands-on experience, teaching himself along the way.   

In our world today, computers are in just about every part of it.  We need to know how to use them, and we definitely need people who know how to repair and upgrade them.  It’s something I can picture one of my other sons doing in the future, as he continues to learn more about the importance of computer technology and what a continually growing industry it is.



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