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Information Article: Are You Ready for Tax Day?


ave you checked the calendar? Tax Day is not too far off, but we do get a couple extra days.  It’s not until April 17th this year.  Are you ready?  Do you trust your tax accountant or the computer program you bought or are trying on-line?  Are you sure it’s all done right?  Or, are you just procrastinating until the last minute?

We do not take any chances since we have a home business.  There is too much to keep up-to-date with, with deductions, depreciation, and all the  things we should and should not include which includes the various aspects of the law regarding our taxes.   We do not hesitate in using an enrolled agent continuing education.  For us, it is a must because of their knowledge of the laws and numerous changes from year to year.  They are required to have 72 hours of continued education over a 3-year enrollment cycle and continuing to do so afterwards for at least 16 hours each year so they can maintain their ea cpe requirements.

Then, at least two hours of these 16 hours must include a ea ethics course or professional conduct education course. The continuing education requirements are pro-rated if the enrollment occurs in the middle of an enrollment cycle, at a rate of 2 hours required education for each month or part of a month enrolled. There are also requirements that programs meet specific criteria and a qualified sponsor must run all CPE programs.  A teacher’s background, experience, education and training has to be in accordance with what he/she is teaching.   They are also required to provide a written outline, textbook or approved electronic education. Some on-line courses may be accepted.  However,  students attendance is required and must be kept track of. 

It gives us a peace of mind that someone who is certified does our taxes and is well qualified and trained.



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