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My Favorite Comedian

Who’s your favorite comedian?


y favorite comedian is sitting less than six feet me. He is our third born son, loveable, a charmer, a blonde dizz, has a heart for Jesus, and yes, quite the comedian.  He can get us laughing in a very short time ’til our sides ache.  There are never dull moments when he is around.

When Napoleon Dynamite first came out, he could mimic Napoleon so well.  The bad part was, the first time my husband saw the movie was the day he had hernia surgery and we watched during his “recovery” time as a family and our son, repeated things and ohhh, my . . . I think some stitches came undone for my husband.

I’ve heard it said in every classroom there’s a class clown.  We have homeschooled all along, and our class clown has definitely been Jayson.  And somehow he’s quite the charmer too even when he is stopped by the police for speeding . . . I don’t know how, but he’s got these double dimples that just glow when he smiles I guess, and he just does not get tickets.

Besides the charming way though, I appreciate his Christ-like heart and genuine concern for people.  I am blessed to call him my son.

Taken just a few days ago with our son Jayson on right with his best friend Graham who recently graduated from Army boot camp with high honors. Graham was chosen as Soldier of the Cycle out of 200+ soldiers & made APG, Assistant Platoon Guide. His family/friends got VIP seating at the graduation ceremony.



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