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Five Minute Friday: LOUD


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Of course, this word . . . this week.  God is poking at me again.  Third time this week.  I did not want to hear what the pastor wanted to talk about Sunday night.  He mentioned in the morning it was on anger.  Sunday evenings my husband and I usually go to a Sunday School type class, so I had an out in not hearing the pastor. On the way to church my husband said we should go to the Pastor’s class.  I really did not want to – besides, we are in the other pastor’s class, so we really should stay committed to that, right?  

So we got to church and were immediately told our class was cancelled and that everyone was in the auditorium.  Ugg, again . . . I had to listen to the sermon on anger.  And though my husband did not poke me at all (nor I him) God definitely poked at me.  And one point was YELLING at our kids . . . another  . . . .  uggg.  I struggle with that.  Yes, I can be very LOUD.  And, they probably have gotten programmed to it too.  They don’t do anything until mom gets to that point of being LOUD . . . and angry.

Then yesterday I ran into a friend who also told me how the sermon poked at her good too.  And we shared our concerns and convictions and encouragements.  Later she shared the cartoon below.  I laughed . . . and yet, I think God was proding at me again.

And then tonight (or early morning) this week’s word is LOUD.

God is not being LOUD, but speaking to me in that still small voice.  

I need to learn to be more like Him.

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PS – I showed one of my children this cartoon – then leaned into her and whispered “you did not do the dishes as you were suppose to.”  She did them – without arguing or having to be reminded again.  Might work . . . .

Joining Gypsy Mama and her Five Minute Friday.



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8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: LOUD

  1. hee hee! loved the cartoon!

    my “profession” used to be teaching kids i fondly called “crazy,” and boy, could they get loud. the quickest strategy to restore classroom order, always, was to begin whispering…


  2. Love that cartoon. And your post. Both good reminders for me. Especially with a 3 year old, who seems to only hear the yelling. 😉 Maybe the whispering thing will work. Thanks for sharing the “poking”.

  3. Amazing isn’t it. We are all a bunch of Paul’s,,,we do what we sooooooooo don’t want to do and don’t do what we know we should, or remember what we should’ve done after the fact. Lord Help US.

  4. I’m not a yeller…,never have been, but my sister is a self-proclaimed hollerer 😉 I know how hard it is for her to maintain a calm, quiet, SCARY response when her general nature is more reactive and…enthusiastic! I’ll be praying for you and your sweet family today – hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    p.s. I love love that cartoon 😉

  5. My children become more nervous when I’m quiet. Truly, their eyes widen. And I don’t yell often. I grew up in a home of yellers and complainers and decided that I didn’t want that for my children. I think the cartoon hits the nail on the head. And I know that’s why God persistently whispers into my head and heart. I have to lean in to hear Him well.

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