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When was the last time you voted in an election?

When was the last time you voted in an election?


asy question to answer!  February 28th of this year, in our Michigan primaries and it was also the first time I helped as an election officer.  It was exciting to take some classes to learn about the procedures, it was exciting looking forward to the day; it was exciting getting to the township hall EARLY in the morning to greet the first voters (and I am NOT a morning person).

And then . . .  I was very disappointed.

I was sent home early because the turnout was very low.  I was expecting to be working til late at night.  I went home mid-afternoon.  Later I read that Michigan only had 16.6% of registered voters vote which was down from 2008 where 20.9% of registered voters voted.

I found it quite sad, especially when we hear so many complaining about our government, and then when we as citizens can make decisions and vote to get those in office who could make a difference, we don’t vote.



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