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Information Article: Skip Bins Brisbane


n our area there has been a lot of foreclosed homes that are being snatched up because of the great deals that are available. I can usually tell when there’s been a foreclosed home, and not by the signs in the yard, but by the big skip bins outside the home, shortly after a sale.  The previous owners, many times, so upset for losing their home, trash it and/or leave tons of trash in it.  One house near us we have seen two huge skip bins Brisbane having to get the job done – one for getting all the trash out of the house which was completely filled and practically overflowing with grills, clothing, bikes, doors, toys, and too numerous to count, large black trash bags.  We thought the job was done and someone would be moving in and then another skip bin arrives, for the major remodelling and reconstruction to repair all the damage that the house has had. That one has been filled with lots of drywall, lumber, flooring, carpeting, windows, slider doors, etc. It’s pretty much like gutting the house and starting over.  

The new owners may be getting a great deal, but they sure have to put a lot of sweat equity into it to make their house a home.



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