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Culture Shock? Not really!

Share the most extreme case of culture shock you’ve ever experienced.


‘m almost embarrassed to even attempt to write on this one. I really have not had any major culture shock.  Overall, I think I’ve lived a pretty sheltered life, growing up in  the nice suburbs near Milwaukee and living my adult life near Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a fairly Christian community. I’ve never been out of the country, though I hope to some day.  When I was in college I worked with an outreach that went into the “bad” areas of Grand Rapids, reaching out to the homeless and prostitutes.  That was quite eye-opening and saw “too much” that I would not want my girls to see.  But, it was very temporary, we were in groups for safety, and we could leave.  There was another time when President Reagan was in Grand Rapids and we saw him drive by in the motorcade and went back to our car and just as we got in our car a homeless man started banging on our window, begging for money.  That was scary.  But we could quickly escape.

We have a friend that just went to Africa for a few weeks, helping a ministry and seeing his pictures . . . we just do not have a clue here in America how blessed we are.  So, nope, I’ve really not stepped into any extreme case of culture shock.

What about you?



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