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Who wears hats?

What type of hat suits your personality best?


don’t wear hats . . . but I have often wished that they were more of an everyday style because I am sure I would.  I really do like hats.  Some women just look so stylish and beautiful in them.  When I think of hats, I think of the old pictures of Jackie Kennedy wearing them.  I remember seeing pictures of my mom wearing similar ones and she used to have many hat boxes on her closet shelf with hats, but I do not remember her wearing them.  And then, too, there was Princess Diana who wore hats and always looked so lovely.  It used to be at least on Easter Sunday girls wore hats and even that seems like a rarity now.

Since we have six girls, I can imagine at least one of them might wear the type of hat/veil combination when she gets married, which I think is beautiful.

And maybe, someday, hats will just really be in!  I tease my kids that I will look forward to joining the Red Hat Society so I can wear a hat!  🙂



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One thought on “Who wears hats?

  1. I like hats too – and when I was younger I used to wear them sometimes. Now the only hat I tend to wear are those winter hats to keep my head warm!

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