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My ADD Hobbies & Crafts :)

Which of your hobbies have you been doing
for the longest amount of time?


ould you laugh if I told you I have craft ADD?!?!?!  I go from one thing to the next.  I love trying new things.  But sewing is what I have done the longest.  I took Home Economics in junior high and made my first jumper (ugly) and tie for my dad (I doubt he ever wore it!).  I tried sewing after my first child was born but quickly gave up with patterns that were too hard.  Then we moved into a beautiful country home (in the city) with lots of oak woodwork windows that needed some window coverings we could not afford to buy all at once, so out of necessity, I made them.  It was just simple hems I made with tension rods to go in.  But that was the beginning and then I learned to find easy patterns and starting making clothes for me and the kids and even a bathrobe for my husband.  I rarely make clothes any more now ( love to garage/thrift sale – another hobby, huh?).  I love sewing quilts and will make aprons here and there and little blankies.  I’ve made pillow cases for gifts.  I started making quilts when I was pregnant with my twins, about 21 years ago, and I still enjoy doing that.

I have also gotten into making cards, stamping, dry embossing, knitting, scrap-booking, cross-stitch (which I did start in high school but rarely do any more – have numerous unfinished projects) and making bracelets, which I still do.  There’s things I’d like to learn how to do like making soap and candles.  And, you probably could show me a new craft and I’d want to give it a try!

Yes, I have craft ADD! 🙂

First quilts I made for my twin daughters while they were nesting in my womb



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2 thoughts on “My ADD Hobbies & Crafts :)

  1. I love crafts and sewing. I have also done everything you mentioned except cross stitch and quilts. My first hobby was sewing also started in high school. I use to make all my and my daughters clothes. I made her prom gown and then started making them for my friends daughters. My other hobby is photography that I also started in high school. Thanks for sharing your hobbies.


  2. I think sewing has staying power because there are so many things you can do with that skill: make clothes, do quilting, and even do stitching on cards 🙂

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