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Information Article: Rain Chains


he delightful time of spring is here, along with the spring showers and finding flowers poking their heads through all over.   Something that I have really admired through the years is rain chains and I would absolutely love to add one to our outdoor decor and even work it into using it, especially for watering flower beds and our gardens.  Have you seen a rain chain work or even know what it is?

Wikipedia explains how it is an alternative to a downspout and are widely used in Japan:

“Their purpose is largely decorative, to make a water feature out of the transport of rainwater from the guttering downwards to a drain or to a storage container. (Rainwater is sometimes collected for household usage.) They can be found on temples.  Rain chains are typically either a series of metal cups, chained together with a hole in the bottom of each, or chain links that span vertically.Rain water run-off gets distributed from a rooftop gutter downward through the rain chain.”

Our outdoor water source is quite a distance from our vegetable garden, so having something like this available to help collect water would not only help save on our electric bill with the well water pump running, but we would be  using the wonderful soft rain water and it would save us a lot of leg work than running buckets from the house.  I also think the chains rain look very lovely, so it’s not only something that works for us, but also would had beauty in our landscaping.

Mother’s Day is coming!  This would make a great gift!  HINT!  HINT!



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