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Information Article: How to Save Money on Kellogg’s Products


f you have read my blog for any time, or know me in real life, you know I like deals!  I really work on buying food only if I have a coupon for it or if it’s on a fantastic sale – but combining the both – a coupon and a fantastic deal is the best!  The one thing our family seems to fly through is cereal.  With eight kids still living at home, we can go through several boxes of cereal in ONE DAY and even more if they eat a bowl or two (or three) for a snack later in the day!  Yes, it gets very expensive so we HAVE to find deals, sales and coupons!

So, I try to always buy cereal with coupons, such as looking here to save money on Kelloggs.  Here you will find promotional codes and discount codes to find some of the best deals.  However, you need to check back on a regular basis, since it is updated regularly for specific Kellogg’s coupons and promotional codes..  And it’s not just cereal either . . . I look for the granola bar coupons for those hurried mornings when we don’t have time for cereal, milk and the clean-up with it!  And for special snacks, sometimes I give in to Pop-Tarts® or Famous Amos® Cookies , but again, they have to be on a super sale and bought with a coupon too!   These are great to stick in my purse to give my child after a long time shopping or a before bedtime snack.  

For cereals, I try to get the healthier, less sugary cereals, because it’s hard to homeschool the kids after lots of sugar and food coloring.  So Rice Krispies are usually my first pick, but the kids love Kelloggs Frosted Flakes, Kelloggs Froot Loops, Kelloggs Apple Jacks, and Kelloggs Cocoa Krispies (and so do I, so another reason not to have them in the house quite so often!).   Kellogg’s also has pancakes and syrups, but these are usually more of a simple lunch or even supper for us.  And there’s Kellogg’s wonderful Club®  Crackers which are wonderful for dreary days with soup!

It’s kind of nice knowing, especially since I live in Michigan, and Kellogg’s is located in Battle Creek, Michigan, that the money for this cereal is staying in my state (and it’s a hurting state!).  And, it’s part of my childhood, since Froot Loops were one of my favorites.  Good thing we don’t have any in our house right now.  I’d go for a bowl!



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