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Information Article: Renting Flats in Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen


s two of our daughters are marrying this year,  there is quite a bit of talk over where they are going to live.  Our oldest son married last year and is renting a house.  So the other two couples are pouring over advertisements and trying to find reasonably priced housing.  An interesting term has come up while they have looked for apartment to rent: flats to rent!  It’s more of a word that is used in Britian.  My son-in-laws to be cannot take my daughters that far away!  Well, I suppose God could change my mind on that!

But as they have truly looked for apartments in the area, it’s been very interesting to look at costs in different parts of the world.  I looked here at Flats to rent in Glasgow.  Some of these look like they are in a divided up in a castle! Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and often experiences warmer temperatures than the rest of the country so this may be ideal for many wanting the warmth!  And, the main attraction is shopping!

Then there is Flats to rent in Edinburgh which is one of  Scotland’s most popular metropolitan centres and is is well known for it’s annual Edinburgh Festival which runs for four weeks in August and almost doubles the city’s population. Many of Edinburgh flats are within easy walking distance from the city centre making the city very accessible to those living in the area.

Also looking at Flats to rent in Aberdeen which is located north-east of Scotland and is well-known for it’s annual jazz festival and folk music festival.  Aberdeen has many nicknames, including the Granite City, the Silver City and The Oil Capital of Europe, since the discovery of North Sea oil in the 1970’s.  Aberdeen is also famous for its 45 gorgeous parks and gardens and has citywide floral displays of two million roses, eleven million daffodils and three million crocuses!!  One thing that makes Aberdeen different than other Scottish cities  is that the buildings are made of granite rather than sandstone and are not nearly as weathered and need very little structural  maintenance.  It sounds very lovely to me!

Oh, but I am back here again, helping the kids look for an “apartment” rather than a flat!  But there are some lovely ones here too!



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