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Blog Carnival ~ Madness

Madness ~ Blog Carnival


es, I get mad at my kids . . . .  I lose it, and say things I shouldn’t.  And then I see their hurt eyes, and tears spilling over their cheeks and know I blew it, and our tears soon mingle together, and this mama has to apologize and they say they are sorry for getting me mad and both our mercies are new and we start over . . .  again.  But there’s a room I know I could go into and I would totally lose it, and it would be pure madness and I don’t think I’d apologize.  There’s a room of death I really do not ever want to walk into and see a baby getting ripped out of mother, limbs being pulled off and a head cut open.  Ohhhh, my madness would be very hard to control.  I would want to rescue the mother, even if the abortion is completed and comfort her and tell her Jesus loves her and forgives her.  My madness would be aimed at the doctor and the attendants.  One time is too much, but how can they over and over murder these precious little ones.  How can it not hurt their hearts?  How can they do it over and over again?  How?  I don’t get it.  What do they think of as they fall asleep at night?  Do they fear God?  Do they ever see those body parts as they are closing their eyes?  Do they have children or grandchildren?  I just cannot wrap my mind around a continued offense against these precious little babies, made in God’s image.  Yes, madness would certainly take over.

Or is it another type of madness that has taken over  cold hearts and minds?  Is Satan in control, feeding them lies of how they are helping women and lying about a “blob of tissue”.   And I remember as I am writing, God loves these people just as much as He loves me.  He grieves for the babies that are being hurt.  He grieves for the killers who have turned their backs against Him and life.  He is waiting to forgive and end the madness ~ to heal many hearts and minds.

Teenagers can help calm some of the madness:

15-year-old Angela Kim and the five other members of the Teenage Life Club are sending letters to the White House and the Supreme Court this month calling for an end to abortion. And they are looking for a few hundred thousand people to join them.  The goal of the group’s 2012 Pro-Life Letter Writing Campaign is to flood the White House and the Supreme Court with one million pro-life letters during the month of March.

Might you have a teenager who could write a letter?  Maybe a homeschool student?  Might you be a Sunday School teacher and can have your class write letters and send them in?  Might you be a part of ending this madness?



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5 thoughts on “Blog Carnival ~ Madness

  1. Sometimes their hearts do turn around, and they fight against the very thing they once did. Did you ever see the movie “Blood Money”.
    They interview a woman who was once an abortionist, but she couldn’t take what she was doing anymore.
    Like you mentioned, God loves them, too. They need our prayers.

  2. Such a sad topic. I’ve known a few women who have had abortions and they regretted it. I wish more people talked about those regrets instead of how we can make this “procedure” more affordable and easier to access. God help us all.
    We will not be held unaccountable if we remain silent.

  3. This is madness and it is sad and sinful to take these precious lives. Our church supports a local Women Caring for Women which is a ministry to help mothers who will carry their child full term. They assist mother who want to keep their baby and adoption for those who feel they cannot. So much better than madness.

  4. This has been one of my most serious aspects of life. My mom, back in the 1950s, had at least 2 abortions… performed by my dad. My youngest sister was allowed to be born, b/c the last baby had been a boy… and there were 5 of us girls at that time; I was the oldest by 5 years. When Mom was pregnant again they decided to let the baby grow and hoped for a boy… it was my youngest sister. My Mom was only 38 at that point. [Before their deaths they had come to the Lord, so I’m hoping they have seen these little ones and had a relationship established… and I’m hoping to see them in the years to come when I am in Heaven.] I could tell you LOTS more similar stories. I know I wasn’t wanted at all… my parents weren’t married … but for some reason, I was allowed. I think it was for certain sure a God issue.

    I was born in 1945, which was NOT a time when unmarried parents could have their baby and be accepted socially. They got married when I was 3-1/2 years old. Nope, we didn’t fit into the normal pattern… and it didn’t stay normal hardly at all for my whole growing up time. But my sister Kristan, who is a serving Christian in Alaska was the little “boy” who was born. It’s a miracle that another abortion didn’t occur in our house.

    Am I anti-abortion/pro-life??? ABSOLUTELY!!! Guess why…

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Joanne . . . you will probably be able to see how I can also relate in my newest post. Little did I know when I wrote this post, what would take place today.

      I am thankful as you are . . . for life.

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