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Milk, dark, or white chocolate?

Milk, dark, or white chocolate?


nother Plinky question on CHOCOLATE?!?! Don’t you know this is my weakness?  Don’t you know I am trying to lose weight and not eat chocolate plus trying hard for Lent not to eat any and using the time when I am thinking chocolate to pray more?  (Yes, I’ve slipped a couple of times)  But asking this question is like putting the craving in my mind.  But now to choose.  First, right now I am NOT choosing chocolate. I am not   going to go looking through the house for some hidden piece. I am not going to sneak a couple of pieces of chocolate my five year old son got from one of his big brothers today. But, if I would pick, it would be a close tie between milk chocolate and white chocolate . . . and then, if I really think about it, I could talk myself into dark chocolate because it really is better for me!  Hmmm . . . I think though, I would probably pick milk chocolate.  Now to think about something else . . .



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