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A No Kidding Prank!

Come up with an idea for an awesome prank


am not one to come up with an original idea for a prank. But I can share about one my children and I played on my husband many years ago!  We used to have goats and in the spring we always looked forward to having baby kids.  My husband worked second shift at the time, so would be sleeping in the late morning.  One of our children woke him up before his normal waking time to tell him one of the goats had babies, and to come quick, now!  He jumped out of bed, dressed and hurried with them to the goat barn while our other children were waiting for him.  As soon as he got there, they all yelled “April Fools!”  It did not go over too well.  He did not have his shower, and well . . . he did not find too much humor in it.

Well, April Fool’s got us back!  Later that night one of the mama goats DID have a baby!  We called my husband at work and for some reason, he did not believe us!



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