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Information Article: Stanchions & Barricades


have liked playing an online word game with my kids and friends.  I continually see new words I had never heard of and learn new things.  One new word I just learned was stanchions.  Do you know what that is?  You probably see them just about every day!   These help with forming lines, especially in banks, some fast food restaurants, stores, getting tickets for a movie or helping with crowd control as people wait in long lines for a concert.  It can be a  retractable belt or a long swag velvet rope to help guide people together, in a line, in a close, confined area.  When my young ones have discovered the retractable belts at a bank they have unhooked them and let them snap in.  I don’t know who looks more shocked . . . my child or the workers!  And those velvet ropes can be a toy for young kids too . . . first jumping over, then trying to go under or swinging them until they knock down the stand they are attached to!  Yes, I’ve witnessed this personally from my own children and there is no place for this mom to hide when it happens!

In some instances something more permanent and stable is needed for blocking people out or around a certain area, especially in outdoor places on on streets.  When a festival comes to our town each summer, ropes and retractable belts will not do the trick but large barricades are needed to block streets and certain areas of town the public needs to avoid.  This can be done with temporary fencing, traffic cones, pipes, drape walls, etc.  Sometimes people just need something large and very evident that they need to stay away!  Signs and belts will not always do the trick!



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