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A Very Unexpected Question from a Cashier

What’s the most unexpected thing
a stranger has ever said to you?


ith having a large family, we have had LOTS of comments through the years,   from “do you know what causes that” to “how many more are you going to have?”  We have been able to laugh a lot off, or even ignore.  But one, I will never forget.  We “only” had three boys at that time, and I was very big and pregnant with our twins.  It seems the grocery cashier clerks have the most nerve to ask the most personal questions.  She asked a few questions seeing our three boys and then she said to my husband, “Can’t you leave your wife alone?” in a very serious voice.  Like, how is my husband suppose to answer that?  He’s a quiet guy and I think he would have just ignored it, but I stepped up and said, “I can’t leave HIM alone!”  She kinda gasped and went on hurriedly with checking us out. She didn’t speak another word to us!

As we were walking out the store, my husband kept saying over and over “I can’t believe you said that . . . I can’t believe you said that!”  Well, I couldn’t believe SHE said that!  It really was rude and just none of her business about our family!

So her very unexpected question got a very unexpected response!



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5 thoughts on “A Very Unexpected Question from a Cashier

  1. I don’t think people realize how hurtful their words can be. The Bible says “life and death is in the power of the tongue.” My mother always told me to think before I speak. A lost art now a days. People feel as thought they have a right to say and do whatever they please. You put that cashier in her place and gave her something to think about.


  2. Did she not realise that you may have wanted more children? And that being married does not mean being celebate? Many people judge what they do not know – and sometimes it is a lesson to me not to be so quick to judge by appearances.

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