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Information Article: Fulfillment Services


o you know what a fulfillment service is?  It is quite amazing the details of large businesses we have not a clue about.  This is a service which keeps warehouse inventory, inventory management, electronic order processing, Internet Services, assembly services, Logistics/Transportation Management and Returns Processing Services and many other details a business, plus keeping it all within budget!  

The types of businesses that might take advantage of a product fulfillment could be any business from shoes and clothing, trade show events, cosmetic and beauty product companies, toys and games companies, packaged media companies that sell DVD/CD’s and/0r video games and many other retail business.  In order for a fulfillment service to do their job well, they would have to know the business from all aspects and be personable with their customers.  If they do not do well, the business they are servicing will not succeed.  So, it really needs to be a partnership that works together well both ways.

So the next time you call an eight hundred number, and it seems like you are on hold for a long time, imagine the behind the scenes things that are going on.  It very well could be a fulfillment service that is handling order fulfillments.  It gives it a different perspective, doesn’t it?  We can get upset with the way an operator is handling our order, but it may not actually be the business itself, but whom they have hired to take care of the order.  So instead of giving up on the business, it may be best to let the business know of concerns before ending future orders.



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