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Information Article: College Education


ne of the biggest decisions a high school student will make,   is where they are going to go to college.  It can be quite overwhelming with all the possibilities.  Do they stay local and go to a community college to get the core classes done before going on to another college?  Do they go to a state university?  Or what about on-line classes, or out-of-state?  Do they go to a college that his more affordable or more known for the degree they want to get?  Do they stay on campus or rent with other students off campus?  And this is just the beginning of the many questions they have to ask.

I think one of the most important things is for a student to know the direction of education he wants to do, and unfortunately, many do not.  They have a lot of growing up to do and to send them off to waste mom and dad’s should not be encouraged!  Imagine starting out thinking they want a teaching degree and then discover in their last year they’d much rather go to graphic design schools in Miami!  That’s a big change!

We have required our children to first get their core classes done even if it means just attaining an associate degree.  With one of our son’s who is 22 years old, he’s had many different ideas of what he wants to do, and then discovers, it’s not for him.  He’s had great work opportunities which has led from one thing to the next, and he believes he’s seeing more now what he wants to do with his life.  I am so thankful he did not waste four years of college in getting a degree he’d never use.  However, he does have most of the core classes completed which can easily be transferred.

Students have many opportunities with a college education, yet, they need not waste it either.  We have been thankful that our four children that have attended college that they have been able to get government grants, yet we want them to use it wisely and not be wasteful.



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