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Things that creep me out . . .

What creeps you out?


mmmm . . . at the top of my list is when I see some scuzzy guy looking at my teen girls.  I am thankful for older brothers who, if they notice it, will “encourage” the guys to look the other way!  Public bathrooms that are a mess – toilets not flushed – wet seats – out of toilet paper, etc. really creeps me out.  Going to the beach and seeing men and women in hardly anything or in suits tighter than their clothes.  It’s to the point I don’t want my kids there cuz it creeps me out!  And real close behind this is the magazines at the check-out.  If my kids are with me, I turn many of them over!

Horror movies creep me out, including the vampire movies and Harry Potter . . . because I know the spiritual warfare with it, and the terrors it can put in the mind.  Little do we know how much Satan is at war for us . . . THIS creeps me out the most!

What about you?  What creeps YOU out?



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2 thoughts on “Things that creep me out . . .

  1. People who are not kind to children (like really cruel and mean) evil people do not deserve the innocent they pray on.
    I watch criminal minds but sometimes it is really awful.
    I watch NCIS but sometimes the same happens.
    I dislike vampire shows or other ‘evil’ intent movies I understand spiritual warfare.
    I dislike the thought… the concept… the reality of abortion.

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