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f you have read some of my recent posts,  you will know that one of my favorite foods and my major weakness is . . .  CHOCOLATE. Yes, I have an addiction to chocolate.  There’s really rarely a day I don’t think of it, and crave it.  I’ve been trying for the last four weeks to give up both chocolate and sugar.  It’s hard.  And, I’ve failed a few times, giving myself permission for some special occasions to have some. But, it’s hard to have just one piece.  So, I am starting over again, and for Lent giving up sugar and chocolate.

In one way I was rather thankful when I could not buy some chocolate mint cookies from a major organization because I was disappointed with some of their decisions in whom they are supporting.  I had a sincere reason for not buying any and it was easy to turn away from that melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

But then, when someone tells me about a See’s candy fundraiser program to raise money for a missions trip, I really want to contribute!  And so if I contribute and buy candy, it’s really hard seeing that candy and not having one tiny little bite . . .  that turns into eating several pieces . . . and too many pieces! And before “I” know it, it’s all gone! YIKES!

So, if you are my friend in real life . . . please help me!  Don’t give me any chocolate.  Don’t try to sell me any chocolate.  Please don’t give any to my children either.  I may just steal a piece from them!  Don’t give me sugar-free chocolate either, because it’s like eat the real thing, and I will want more.  And if a TV commercial comes on advertising chocolate and you are with me, please, quickly, turn the channel or I may starting digging through my house for some!

Time for some hot chocolate green tea.



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