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Information Article: Laptop Carts


t was quite interesting for me to see how  the decor’ of a highschool is certainly different from when I went to high school some thirty years ago!  The big difference is computers!  When I was in highschool, there was one room with a huge computer in it, and those that took the class had to learn MS-DOS.  I hated it!  Then I had a somewhat computerized word processor typewriter that would remember one line at a time.  Today, when you walk into a highschool now, it certainly is not that picture.  In both high schools and colleges, many of them provide their students with laptops so instead of seeing a computer room you may see laptop carts where the students store their laptops and they can be locked up securely at night.  What a difference!

When I talked to a friend about this, she told me these are not just in high schools anymore, but many grade schools and middle schools have them as well.  The great advantage of having a laptop cart, is that the cart can be moved from room to room, instead of having the students move.

Since noticing the carts in a high school, I noticed laptop storage in a doctor’s office, though not quite as large.  I imagine doctors, PA’s and nurses can keep them in there, again, locking up overnight for security.  One of the carts was quite a bit smaller, and I found out they have even smaller storage ones for netbooks.

Amazing how times have changed!  I guess this dates me a bit!



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