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Review: Holy Clothing ~ (I want a new wardrobe from here!)


inding the “mother-of-the-bride” dress is hard, and I have to find two this year!  

It was pretty neat though, how I landed on where I absolutely want to get my dress from.  Our older girls get together with a bunch of their friends a couple of times a year and do a clothes and accessories swap.  I went this time, not thinking there’d be anything for me, but found this dress I fell in love with, which would be ideal for my daughter’s wedding, except, it’s the wrong color.  I love the embroidered floral pattern over it and the corset front (which helps me greatly with adjustment which can be difficult in other dresses).  It has a beautiful A-line skirt that flows so nicely. (Makes me want to be like one of my little girls in a new dress and twirl around!)

So, I did some research and found the place, Holy Clothing and I absolutely LOVE their clothing!  The clothes are just so feminine and romantically lovely. I really cannot say enough about it.  The hard part now is I like a LOT of their clothing!  And it’s not just the dresses.  I love these Palazzo Pants with a drawstring waist.   They look so comfortable and flowy.  And the tops are also just so pretty.  They can be formal or look great with a pair of jeans.

I found too, they have a Fan Page on Facebook, and if you join it,  right now there’s a 10% off coupon good until February 26th.  Yes, I am ordering!

Take a look!  Let me know what you think!



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