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Information Article: Skin Care


ith having six kids that have already gone through the teen years,  dealing with acne and  the woes of not wanting to go anywhere because of that monster zit that appeared overnight in the middle of their face, we’ve had our share of acne medication, including prescriptions.  I do not hesitate at all with getting our children good acne products because as a teenager I also had acne horribly and was called names and it really hurt my self image.  It’s a stage most teens have to go through, but if it can be lessened, it’s worth it (kids are happier and so is mama!).  

We have asked our family doctor about various Skin Care Products and he will often recommend an over the counter product or places we can get them on-line and just where to start.  If that doesn’t work, he may have another suggestion or two, and then finally resorts to a prescription, usually temporary until our child can get it under control.  We have noticed that during the summer when they are working outside, they get it the worst.  Yet, it can be devastating for the child.

Though I do not deal too much with zits anymore, it’s now those age spots that I notice!  Those don’t eventually disappear like acne!  So which is better?!?!?!



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