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Ready to go – no suitcase needed

  How often do you get the chance
to leave town for a trip?


hould I even write on this?

When I see questions like this, or hear of friends going on trips, cruises, etc., I can start feeling sorry for myself and wish someone would join my pity party with me!  No, I do not leave town often.  We took our kids to the Creation Museum in Kentucky the end of October and that was our first major trip with them in probably ten years.  It’s been years since just my husband and I have gotten away.  Too long.

And then, when I get in the moods of wishing for some wonderful trip, I hear that still small voice, telling me, I will see all the desires of my heart, someday, all unblemished, in the way He perfectly created it.  I may not get to see Hawaii this side of heaven, or Israel or Australia.  But someday I will walk streets of gold and will see the new heavens and new earth beyond any comprehension of creation now.

So my bags aren’t packed, but I am ready – ready for eternity.  How about you?



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