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Information Article: PeachSuite Hospitality Supply


e  have some close friends that recently purchased, completely remodeled and opened a beautiful Victorian Bed & Breakfast. They are also going through all the legalities to have a luncheon type cafe’ in it and are open for business meetings and conventions as well as the typical Bed & Breakfast atmosphere with desserts at night and breakfast in the morning.  As I got a tour of it last week, I could see all that they had to set up in getting quality items for their professional yet, warm home-like setting.  I am sure they had to many of their equipment pieces from a Hotel Supplier & Restaurant Supply source.   I can only begin to imagine the items they had to get walking from room to room . . .  all the baking supplies, dinnerware, flatware, cleaning supplies, linens, toasters, coffee machines . . . the list must be endless!

Soup Kettles & Hotel supplies from PeachSuitePeachSuite Hotel Supply & Restaurant Equipment Company is one such place that seems to have everything! They are family owned and have been in business since 1981 and know their products and want to do business with their customers in a very personal yet business-like way to keep them coming back.  I can imagine as our friends get the cafe’ going and needing more supplies, especially that big soup kettle simmering with homemade soup that gives such a welcoming smell as customers walk in the door, they will need a dependable, honest and reasonable prices from a Resort Linen Supplies & Catering Supplies place!

I can’t wait to go back and visit!



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