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Information Article: Energy Training


o many in our community are laying low with nothing to do. They economy has hit hard and they cannot find work.  It’s been a long dreary winter, and TV and on-line games become the monopolizer of time.  Instead of sitting around hoping a job may come to them, they could be doing on-line training in so many different areas.  How about  solar panel training?  It’s something my husband has had an interest in for probably over ten years.  He has about four solar panels that he works with.  Just in the past week he was able to recharge some car type batteries from them and then run our pellet stove off of it.  He was thrilled to save some money on our electric bill!

Another job that would be ideal to train for that would help in the declined economy would be as energy training providers.  A person learns how to walk-through a home or business and make an assessment of general energy performance problems and then make basic recommendations for improvements. This person can be a great assent to builders and architects  by positively helping them with their building design in being energy conscious.  Along with this, weatherization training would be ideal.  Here one learns how to weatherize a home, about different attic systems and crawlspaces along with air sealing and insulation and moisture protection in foundation walls and setting up vapor barriers.   There’s so many ways this type of training can help others in saving money while you are earning money!

Yes, jobs are hard to find right now, but with the proper training, those unemployed may be able to find a position that helps the community, helps give them some self-satisfaction and an income!



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