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Yes, I love to cook (most of the time!)

 Can you cook?


es, I like cooking . . .  well, most of the time.  I do much better when I have meals planned out and am ahead rather than trying to figure out something at the time the meal should be made!  I love watching the cooking shows, and take down a lot of recipes.  But, I am also one that does not fully follow recipes.  I usually add my own twist to it, to make it my own.  Also, with having a large family, I may be following a recipe that is for a “family” which may be only four to six, so I may not double it but add more veggies or put it over rice or potatoes or just do something to stretch it more.

I like to bake too, which can certainly be a downfall for me because I love sweets and desserts, of course, especially chocolate.  I also love breads, muffins and cinnamon rolls from scratch. I have my own wheat grinder and will buy whole wheat and grind it to make fresh wheat flour.  I try to make muffins just about every Saturday night to allow our Sunday mornings to be less stressful to have something to grab and eat. It helps with not having a lot of cereal bowls and silverware to wash either before church or before the Sunday dinner.  And usually when I make meals, I make a lot!  It will take some learning as our children are leaving our home to make less, but it sure helps with leftovers too.

For holidays I like to make a nice family dinner, lots of different things.  My favorite one is Easter and Friday Passover.  I love the meanings into the meal we can make, and the children sharing about it and talking it.  It can be such a beautiful picture.



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2 thoughts on “Yes, I love to cook (most of the time!)

  1. I love left overs, don’t always know how long to keep them. Figure if they have been there over four days it is time to dump them. Usually since it is only two of us I try to have a meal, one day perhaps the next day then freeze whatever is left. Just don’t like to throw food away.

  2. I do love to cook, but only wish I had more time. I am not much for baking though, but I love to eat baked goods.

    I am sorry about the advertising email I never saw. That is a new email account, which for whatever reason wasn’t synching up to my phone/computer. I just randomly decided to check it. If you are still interested you can contact me at swihartbarbie[at]gmail[dot]com.

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