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Childhood Home Memories

 Share a memory about the house in which you grew up.


‘ve not walked the floors of my childhood home in over 27 years.  It was the only home I knew growing up.   There’s little things that stand out to me . . . like the painted plate above the red chair my mom would sit on in the kitchen that had their anniversary date.  It’s still ingrained in my mind, that they married in 1949.  There were pocket doors in our kitchen and a built in china cabinet in the dining room, and I realize how specialized the house was when they had it built.  There was a place for everything and it was very well organized, clean and not cluttered.

I remember a black and white TV in the living room that would be pushed about, and watching when the men landed on the moon. Mom did the laundry downstairs and we had a play area.  But my most favorite thing downstairs was an old Cukoo Clock.  I’d love to have one in my kitchen!

I think of all the hours my sister and I spent riding bikes up and roller skating up and down our driveway.  But the place we spent the most time my last ten years at home was in our inground pool in the backyard.  I loved to swim and dive.

Probably my best memories were my mom cooking, making wonderful Thanksgiving stuffing and my favorite meal, Swiss Steak that I’ve yet to duplicate.  She made wonderful pies from scratch, including the crusts.  The house smelled so good on Thanksgiving and Christmas.    The best silverware and dishes were brought out and linen napkins.

Some things stay imprinted in our lives – the good and not-so-good.  I occasionally “walk through” my childhood house, remembering.



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