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Are there any news stories you’re sick of hearing about?

Are there any news stories
you’re sick of hearing about?


am so sick of R-rated evening news.  I know it’s “real” things that are happening in our community, and the warnings need to be given, but really, in detail?  It seems like every other day, some teacher is arrested for molesting a student.  That is bad!  It’s awful. Deplorable!  And of course, as a parent, I would be livid if it happened to my child.  But, do the sexual details of what the teacher did have to be spelled out, that we have to quickly change the channel so our younger children do not hear?  Do we have to hear of the pictures that were taken and play by play of what was found?  Doesn’t this give others ideas?  What does this do to children that have been affected?  Why isn’t the news rated?  

No, I am not asking for a “good news” only channel.  I know how awful things can be.  With the death of our son, we did not want details shared.  The news did not get it.   We did not want a camera shoved in our faces or in our children’s faces.  We will share how he died, but there has to be some things that just are kept silent so others do not dwell on it, and to protect the rest of our family.  Why can’t the media see how this affects not only the family that it is about but how some just breath on this kind of information?

Yes, I am sick of R-rated evening news . . . .



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One thought on “Are there any news stories you’re sick of hearing about?

  1. I completely agree with you. There is no reason for all the sordid details. No reason at all. It like telling a person how to build a bomb and then wondering why bombs are going off in a city. I think maybe it’s time to write letters to the stations. Something needs to be done. Great post! Have a wonderful day!

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