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In ‘Other’ Words: Parents showing the picture of God

“Our problem is not a generation gap between adults and kids.
Our problem is the gap between God and adults
in order to reach our kids. ”
~ J Vernon Magee


es, I peeked during the pastor’s prayer a few weeks ago.  The praise team was leaving the stage while the ushers where standing at the front during prayer.  One of the teen praise team members walked by her dad.  He pulled her head into him and kissed her on the forehead.  I had invaded a private intimate moment between father and daughter.  Tears stung my eyes.  A few weeks later this man’s wife and two teen daughters sang for special music.  Again, the girls searched out their dad.  He was beaming.  I could see the approval in his eyes as they sang.  I’ve noticed how this family interacts.  The girls are good and polite.  There is tenderness in the family.  I know there are rules too.  I can see the dad guarding his girls’ hearts.    

The first picture of God, especially for girls, is their dad.  If it’s all rules, legalism, strictness, with no loving interactions, God is going to seem like a very fearful Person that can never be pleased.  If the father is absent, does not talk and ask questions, go to their plays and musicals, it will seem he does not really care.  And if the dad does not hug his daughters, hold their hand, kiss her and tell her she’s the most beautiful princess, she may just go looking for love in all the wrong places, where she will be held and loved.   And then it does not seem like God could love a person who has made these wrong decisions.

Yes, moms definitely have a great responsibility to fulful the gap between God and their children, to show how we can interact with Him at anytime, to sing His praises freely and love and ask for forgiveness.  Yet, dads should be a strong figure in girls and guys lives, that give a glimpse of who God is and how attainable He is, how forgiving He is, and how loving He is.  Dads can definitely help fill that gap to show God in a more real way.

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