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Information Article: Cell Phone and Wallet Lockers


couple of our kids have gone through the difficult experience of learning they cannot leave their cell phones or iPods in an unlocked locker in the locker room.  They get stolen, never to be returned.  Clothes don’t seem to be, but anything like a cellphone, wallet, camera or watch sure is.  And of course, these are not cheap to be replaced and it’s quite a bummer for them.  

I’ve just recently learned that now there are small lockers for this, specifically called cell phone lockers or wallet lockers.  There’s a variety of group sizes with compartments from 3×3 to 10×6 or 9×6.  This type of phone locker would be ideal in activity centers, schools and colleges, employee break rooms, plant production areas or anywhere  secure and convenient storage of small belongings such as cell phones, weapons, wallets, keys, ipods, and other electronic devices is needed.  You might also find a wallet locker at military bases, police stations, court houses, jails, prisons, sports stadiums, etc.  where large lockers are not needed, but just something small to keep things safe and secure. 

It’s sad that we cannot trust those around us, but since these are items we have invested in and are a part of our lives it’s worth taking the time to make sure they do not get stolen.



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