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Plinky: What’s your favorite thing about Friday?

What’s your favorite thing about Friday?


n some ways, with my husband beings self-employed, days can seem quite the same ~ even holidays.  I did used to like looking forward to the weekend, when things were different or just a change.  But I do have to say, Fridays and Sundays are our most different, and favorite days.  

Just about every Friday my husband and I go out for dinner.  Sometimes it’s just Subway or Burger King if things are real tight, or sharing a meal at AppleBees.  And, the kids like Friday nights for Pizza – nothing fancy – just the frozen pizza that is the best price for that week.  They wait to put it in the oven until we have left – they don’t want us snitching a piece (or two)!  While my husband and I are out, we usually pick up a dessert for the kids, usually cream puffs, so they know that we are thinking of them, and they look forward to our coming home.  

I look forward to Friday nights.  It means the beginning of the weekend, more family time, seeing more of the kids, and Sunday is around the corner!



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