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eal life is looking forward to having just over two hours of quiet shopping with only one child who still loves to hold his mama’s hand and instead during half of the time sticking a hanger into the side of my van window to poke the unlock button.  Real Life is trying this for over 40 minutes in a Good Will parking lot in the near dark, with my almost 5 year old standing by my side and no one stops to offer help.  Yes, this happened last night.  

Real Life is a van about to die, along with the dryer too, and the mortgage due and the electric bill doubled while  the lack of snow has diminished my husband’s work of small engines, especially snow blowers right now. Real life is still  planning two weddings and a graduation party and remembering God will still supply all our needs and in awe of the gracious finds along the way.

Real Life is getting is offers from friends within 24 hours to help in wonderful ways with decorations for the wedding.  God supplies the wants too.

Real Life is weeping with a friend who does not know where her only child, a wayward son is, and her heart is breaking so.  (Keys locked in a car and things breaking seems so minor, doesn’t it?)    Real Life is my youngest little one telling me “Mama, guess what? I really love you“.  Real Life is my 22 year old son starting a Bible study group in a community college and knowing where he is and that he loves God.  Real Life is never knowing how long our children will be on loan to us.

Real Life is a widowed mother raising three young children and still going through the firsts, missing her husband.  Real Life is getting frustrated that my husband still hasn’t put up the light fixture that has been sitting on top of the fridge for over a year, and realizing it doesn’t really matter.  Real Life is he does dishes and helps often with kitchen clean-up without any asking. Real Life is hearing his snoring each night and his warm feet by mine.  Real Life is not taking for granted those we love before it’s too late.

Real Life is hard, yet remembering God is always good, never forgets us, never leaves us and walks beside us.  Real Life is the stumbles in the darkness, often forgetting to take God’s hand and later realizing we could have been picked up a lot sooner.

Real Life is the ending of one season and the beginning of another . . . and missing Imperfect Prose as mama Emily takes on two young boys to mother with her two boys, all under the age of 4 to grow them all in Real Life with God.

Yet, Real Life has not really begun . . .

“I assure you that whoever hears my word
and believes in the One who sent Me
has eternal life
and won’t come under judgment
but has passed from death into life.
John 5:24 (CEB)



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