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Review: Penzu ~ Free PRIVATE Online Journal Diary


like to journal and blog and just plain write. I have numerous journals for different things, from favorite quotes, to dieting, to prayers.  The one thing I’ve not done as good with is just personal journaling of life in general, mainly because of the privacy. I recently learned of Penzu, a free online diary, and I’ve been trying it out for the past week and I really like it.  

There is both the “free” version and the “pro”.  The Penzu free version is very simple and easy to use.  You can easily password lock it and for double protection password lock each individual entry.  You can share entries, if you wish, by e-mailing the link to the post and your readers can leave comments.

The main limitations with the free version is that you can only have one journal and you cannot sync it with your mobile device.  With the Penzu Pro version there is additional options of fonts, and backgrounds and the size of pictures you can put in.

Penzu gave me the opportunity to use the Pro version in exchange for this honest review.  I thought at first the $19 a year they are charging was kind of high and not something I would really do.  But, I would indeed renew it after trying it!  I like being able to sync it to my Android phone because I can jot thoughts I want to remember and then put it all together later.  I like the variety of fonts and backgrounds, but I also like the additional journals that can be made under one account – as many as I like!  As a homeschool mom, I could even make some individual ones for my kids.  It would be a great fun way to get them to write!  It would be a good way for them to feel like they are “blogging” before sharing it with the world!

First, of course, check out the Penzu free version.  I think you will like it!  Then, try out the Penzu Pro version.  If you use my link you get 20% off!  Then, if you refer people you get an additional free year, per person!  I think it’s worth spreading the news on this great, private writing and journaling program!

Let me know what YOU think!!!



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