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Information Article: Stylish Boys Clothing


ith all the wedding shopping we are doing right now,   the one thing we have noticed over and over is that it is hard to find stylish boys clothing.  Either it’s way too mod, too bright, has skeletons all over it, or it’s just way too outdated.  Where’s the nice “Sunday dress”?  Is it even heard of anymore?  I know around the holidays, especially for Easter it seems, we can find little boy’s suits.  But after that, it’s impossible!  

Maybe I am old fashioned, but with my youngest little guy, almost five, I want to be able to have him dress up once and awhile.  He’s going to be in his sister’s wedding in the spring and possibly another sister’s wedding in the fall.  His sister wants him in nice tan suit with a matching vest and possibly a pink or blue tie.  It’s been very hard to find!  We may have to wait until Easter to find something.

Thankfully we can find little girls’ clothing quite easily.  Now what would be even more adorable is finding coordinating clothes for boys and girls together.  But, I know I am really dreaming with that one!



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