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Information Article: Online Store Deals & Coupons


o many are asking us how we are going to afford to pay for two weddings and a graduation party this year!  If we put it all down on paper of what we want, and the “typical” cost, we can’t!  My daughters are not going to be spending $1000 or even $500 on a wedding dress!  One of my daughters actually got her dream wedding dress for only $80!  We are buying things we find along the way that are on sale.  We are cutting corners.  We are making things ourselves.  

My daughter who is getting married in the spring is one that helps ME find coupons and coupon codes!  She is going to do wonderfully with her grocery bill!  She feels funny even registering for gifts because they will most likely be full retail price!  She has some dishes she loves at Macy’s, and has told her friends to look for Macys store deals and coupons on-line to help!  She said you can almost always find free shipping and various percentage off coupons.

The bridesmaid’s dresses and flower girl dresses are going to be a big expense for us . . . maybe.  I can imagine my daughter finding them somewhere with a great coupon, already marked down, free shipping, etc. and we will get them for a fraction of the cost.  Our oldest son married last summer, and the girl’s bridesmaid”s dresses were only $35 and our young girl’s matching dresses were under $15 each!  Yes, it can be done!

So as we plan these weddings and a graduation party, it is doing research and finding the best deals.  Some we can do on-line and get coupon codes, free shipping, free products and/or a good percentage off.  Also, shopping for off-season items certainly helps!  In the late fall we found a lot of spring flowers for over 75% off that will be perfect for her spring wedding.  We can do searches on-line for a specific item and compare it to the numerous places it is and find the best deal.

It’s work and we are the wedding planners!  But it will be worth it in the long run when we do not go into debt with these celebrations!  And we will still have just as wonderful of memories even if we had gone all out with no costs to consider.  Maybe better memories because we won’t have the panic of how to pay for it later!



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